Hatch Typeface

For my final project in the Typography & Layout Course, I took on the exciting challenge of designing my own typeface. This project encompassed everything I had learned throughout the course, providing a comprehensive overview of my collective knowledge in Typography up until now. I began by drawing inspiration from my design repository, a collection of typography captured through photographs from various sources around the city. With this valuable resource in hand, I embarked on the journey of creating a typeface from scratch. Through careful consideration of letterforms, weights, proportions, and stylistic elements, I crafted a unique visual language that reflects my creative vision. In addition to type design, this project introduced me to the basics of layout design for publication and print mediums. I explored how to seamlessly integrate my newly created typeface into various design contexts, such as magazines and printed materials. By mastering composition, hierarchy, and spatial arrangement, I learned how typography interacts with other visual elements to communicate effectively and create visually pleasing designs.